Real Estate Appraisals are important and should be done by an experienced Real Estate  Appraiser.

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Payment page for all the different types of Real Estate Appraisal products we offer.

After your payment has been made you will be directed to your Real Estate Appraisal Form that will be needed to start processing your appraisal.

Basic Full Interior Appraisal

This version requires an interior and exterior inspection of the subject property. This is one of the most popular form reports available.
Cost $395.00 (price subject to change due to complexity and location)

Limited Drive-By Appraisal

This version requires an exterior inspection only. This is a limited appraisal; It does not contain a lot of data about the subject property and it only uses the sales comparison approach as its sole approach to value.
Cost $345.00 (price subject to change due to complexity and location)  

Our newest service which is a Desktop Valuation.

Desktop Valuation

Can be completed without even seeing the property from right at our desk! Your probably asking how that is even possible? Well, we would rely on the clients to provide us with the most accurate information they could give. They send us photos,and we go to work for you.. These type of appraisals are ideal for fighting tax assessments, or for a homeowner who is interested in possibly selling their home.
Cost $249.50 (Limited time only get $50.00 off which brings cost to $199.50)

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